Eva Wibberley

Eva Wibberley painting on the Sussex Coast

The diverse and endlessly changing light and colour of the sea, land and skies of the coast provide the inspiration for my paintings.
I love walking by the sea, often revisiting the same spot on different occasions to capture basic shape, tone, light and any striking features of the landscape.

Back in the studio, using these features as a starting point, I find the medium and the method of applying the paint allows the paintings to take on a life of their own.  Using large brushes or even rags, I apply thin layers to block in basic shapes and then gradually add more layers and colour.  Thicker layers of paint follow, which I sometimes scratch or scrape and then re-build to achieve interesting textures; my recent work also incorporates collage.


I prefer working on board, often in a thematically connected series.

Rather than rendering an accurate representation, my aim is to capture the essence of a place, evoking an emotional response and inviting the viewer to find their own interpretation.

As a member of the Fiveways Artists Group, I have participated in group exhibitions locally and abroad, and for the last 10 years have opened my house during the Artists Open Houses.  Since joining Chalk Gallery three years ago, I have exhibited more widely in the South of England.