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Eva Wibberley

Eva Wibberley

The diverse and endlessly changing light and colour of coastal land, sea, and sky provide the inspiration for my paintings.

I love walking along the coast, often revisiting the same spot to photograph, draw and paint with watercolours.

With these sketches I record basic shapes, colours and tonal differences, and try to capture the light, mood and energy of that moment in time.

Back in the studio I use these records as a starting point for oil or acrylic paintings, on canvas or boards of various sizes, usually working in a thematic series of several pieces at the same time.


Starting off with thin paint to block in basic shapes, using large brushes and palette knifes I gradually add more layers, sometimes using collage to achieve more texture.

With each painting I aim to evoke a sense of place for the viewer, whilst allowing plenty of room for personal interpretation.

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