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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have answered some of your frequently asked questions

How many artists exhibit at Chalk?

The maximum number of artists in the group at any one time is 21.  Each artist has been through the full application process involving formal application, an interview and acceptance by a majority vote from the Chalk members.

Do you accept applications from artists who are early in their career or new to exhibiting?

We judge each artist on how they meet the criteria upon application, and how their work is appropriate to Chalk.  We are also supportive of artists who are at different stages in their career.  However, artists will be expected to produce new work every eight weeks, as this is the length of our exhibitions and we show new work in each exhibition.  Work exhibited must be finished pieces which are framed if 2D and presented to a high standard for sale.

Are there any criteria for the type of work artists can submit?

We have space for up to 3 artists working in 3D and other submissions will need to be 2D artworks.  The maximum size for exhibition is 1 metre wide x 1.5 metre high. We don't accept photography or prints which are not artist-made, such as digital prints.

How long has Chalk been running?

Chalk Gallery was established in 2005 and has been running as a successful artists cooperative ever since.

What are visitor numbers like?

We have a steady stream of visitors which incorporates a group of regular and faithful customers, as well as a high proportion of visitors and day-trippers to Lewes.  The gallery has proved to be a profitable business model now for over a decade, and even during lockdown we continued to make sales online.

How would you describe Chalk Gallery's main aim?

We aim to showcase high quality affordable artworks by professional artists, while working as a cooperative to support each of our members in developing and growing their own practice.

Does Chalk take part in any local art festivals or events?

Artwave and Brighton AOH are among the festivals and art trails we have taken part in.  We have also collaborated with other local galleries in the past.

What sort of costs and commission are involved?

Commission taken by the gallery for each work sold is 20%.  There is a registration fee of £100 (refundable on leaving) and a current monthly subscription of £45.

Do I have to be available to do duties in the gallery?

On average our artists will do one duty in the gallery every 3 weeks.  It is a great opportunity to meet your customers and be an active part of the life of Chalk Gallery.  We do ask that members live within a one hour journey of the gallery for this reason.  Guest artists, who exhibit for just one eight-week exhibition period, can live further away and do not have to do duties in the gallery.


Submissions can be made using our New Artist Submission Form.

To exhibit as a Guest Artist, please Click Here for further information, conditions and application process.

Before making a submission, please Click Here for details of the submission process.  

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