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I am a collector of things

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Sally's distinctive and energetic style has been drawing the attention of many visitors to Chalk as well as art collectors further afield and it's not hard to understand the reason for their popularity. Here, Sally gives an insight into her background and inspiration:

I am an artist living and working in Brighton. Originally from Derbyshire, I studied Fine Art at Manchester Polytechnic from 1987-1990. I specialise in painting, drawing inspiration from my own environment, predominantly domestic settings.

I am a collector of things, and have many objects that have significant sentimental value to me.

They hold memories and by nature I am a nostalgic person. The idea of environment and home and the comfort of that space is important to me.

And the objects in it have personal value, more than monetary. Charity shop finds and car boot sale purchases, flowers out of the garden, collected, gifted and inherited things all make it into my paintings.

The work explores colour, shape and space. Often, I like to place my collections in a way that does not obviously connect. But other times I may be led by a theme of pattern, or colour or groups from a particular time in my life.

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