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Tamlyn Smithers

Ceramicist Jane Bridger in her studio
Anvils, Fold Grouped2 by Tamlyn Smithers

Kiln casting glass is the process I use, initially sculpting in clay and making a plaster cast to load with glass shards and kiln fire. Occasionally I use the lost-wax casting process if a form requires. I also use a variety of ‘cold shop’ techniques to finish pieces, grinding and polishing facets, sand-blasting or even acid-dipping. I studied BA(Hons) 3D Design: Glass & Ceramics at Sunderland University, gaining the Charles Bray Student Award for Excellence.


This body of work combines masculine, structured, architectural outer forms with a feminine, more sensual core. I have sought to achieve this balance by casting geometrically angular forms with contrasting curvaceous lines. Also the capture of tactile qualities from the physical sculpting process expresses in the pieces a sense of their origin imbued in the direct handling of the material.


These abstract figurative pieces are inspired by yoga postures or ‘asana’ series. This directly influences my sculptural work, focusing on line and alignment, balance, form, weight and mass, as well as a sense of active or passive energy. I have selected strong, significant colours which lend themselves to the emotional element of each piece.

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