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Smoke-fired vessel with red interior by Katharine Rabson Stark

  • Smoke-fired ceramic vessel made from white clay with painted red interior.

    This is a decorative vessel which is unique in every way. It started by making a pinch pot, with coils added to make it taller and larger, morphing and changing gradually as I built it. It is a very tactile piece of art. It has been burnished (polished) with a pebble, to make it shine, then fired once in an electric kiln, then again in a metal dustbin with layers of sawdust and gathered materials such as bracken, dock leaves and seeds, dandelion stems and cow parsley. This gives the piece the colour and the wondrous markings. It is then polished gently with a furniture wax to give it soft sheen. Like all my work it has been made as part of a series, and as such looks great with other vessels of its type.

    Approx 16cm high and 10cm wide at its widest point.

  • Free UK delivery

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