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Linda Lethem

Linda Letham

My work is inspired by the natural world, particularly  the Sussex landscape and my tropical water garden in Chailey. Another enduring influence  is the Greek island of Aegina where I lived for thirteen years and which I visit on a regular basis.

I am fascinated by ever changing natural forms and colour and the seasonal cycles of nature. Along with the visual aspect of the natural environment  I attempt to convey my own personal reaction to it and the effect it has on me on a daily basis. As  a result, my images often incorporate  a mixture of visual languages.

I am currently  mostly working  with acrylic  on canvas and mixed media works on paper and also relief and screen printing.

Linda’s work can also be viewed at:

The Strand Quay Gallery in Rye, East Sussex​

Online Shop


Facebook: lindalethemart2022

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