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Kitty Cava

Acers Autumn colour

I work primarily with printmaking in various forms.

All my work starts from my original water colours, drawings and photographs, from subjects that capture my attention be it a fleeting image or something that I set out to explore.

Drawing has always been an important part of my process, with the drawn mark often being translated directly onto the block, giving the work a unique energy and immediacy of the subject and my interaction with it.

Working with the printmaking process enables me to simplify an image, to hone in on what I am really interested in and to explore the spacial aspects as well as the expressive.

I particularly like the printed mark and the way colour  translates onto the paper. I tend to work with pure colour without the use of white or black probably informed by my use of water colours.

I have always been drawn to working with colour, and my studies at Tobias school of art therapy, helped me further my understanding of it.

I mainly work with images from the landscape including figures in the landscape, moving through it or being still, images that suggest a peaceful easy relationship with nature, with humans just a part of the bigger whole. And I am pleased when people feel able to relate to an image and even feel

they have been there, themselves.

insta. Kitty.Cava


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