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Charlie Todman

Ceramicist Jane Bridger in her studio
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With little in the way of formal education in ceramics, in essence, my artistic journey is a continuous exploration of the unknown, with each outcome becoming a stepping stone towards a more profound understanding of the medium. I enjoy the flexibility afforded by working intuitively with clay, as this allows me the freedom to experiment and try anything that comes to mind. My current body of work involves the delicate and intricate casting of paper-thin translucent bowls using porcelain slip. This practice demands a continuous process of development and refinement, acknowledging that success in this high-risk endeavor is accompanied by a series of learning opportunities along the way. 


My studio space at home serves as a sanctuary providing respite from the hustle and bustle of work and family life, where time almost stands still. Within its confines, I find solace and the freedom to explore my creativity in a tranquil environment. The juxtaposition of the experimental, high-stakes nature of my work with the serenity of my studio fosters a dynamic tension that fuels my artistic expression.




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