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 Annie Mcmanus

 Annie Mcmanus

Everything starts with drawing, from the austerity of hard pencils to the expressive qualities of charcoal. Colour, pastel,
oil, acrylic, are exciting in different ways. I feel driven to experiment with all of these possibilities. With subject matter
too, I look for the lightning moment when trees in a landscape, a couple of pears, a group of crows, spring out of the visual blur and ask to be painted. I try to keep my work fresh and experimental. I often don’t succeed but the learning
goes on.

I was fortunate in having a broad education …English BA at Cambridge University,  Fine Arts at Brighton, and a
Drawing MA at Wimbledon School of Art. 

Exhibition history: the National Open Art, Cork Street Open, Pastel Society, Royal Society of British Artists, Discerning
Eye, etc. Also illustration work, including cartoons in Private Eye, and the late Punch


Instagram: anniemcmanuspainting

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