Sue Arnold

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My main preoccupation has been with still life, finding inspiration in familiar objects - jugs, bowls, fruit and flowers.  I currently use oil paint, learning to harness its vibrancy and lusciousness.  I also draw regularly as part of my practise, finding a particular joy in making loose images of figures with pen and ink.

Remaining grounded in close observation and figuration, I am working to develop my work towards a looser and more abstracted style. Artists whose work I admire include Matisse, Winifred Nicholson, Sargy Mann, William Scott, and Milton Avery, to name but a few. These artists do not form a cohesive group but are chiefly engaged with space, form, colour and light in their work.

The mystery and joy of perception and the dynamism of simple forms, together with the power and beauty of colour keep me excited and compelled to paint.



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