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Sue Houghton

Sue Houghton in her studio.jpg

A Kent based contemporary artist, Sue works in oils and acrylics from her studio in the Kent and Sussex countryside, drawing inspiration from her love of the sea and local coastal scenes. The ever-changing moods of the sea, the dynamic energy of the waves, tranquility of calm waters and golden sunsets, and vast stormy skies provide her inspiration.

The joy for her is seeing a client drawn to a painting because it resonates for them too. She hopes that her work reflects her enthusiasm and passion for her art, and her delight in colour and experimentation.

In Sue’s own words “Starting with a blank canvas is always a challenge and what follows can be rewarding, frustrating, or so absorbing you can’t put your brush down - and all in the process of pouring oneself into the creation of one painting! My art is an ever-changing journey that gives me enormous fulfilment and creates conversations and connections. I hope my work passes that pleasure onwards.”

She regularly exhibits in galleries, and annually holds her own art show. Her work is presented in hand made solid oak or ash frames.

Instagram :suehoughton101

Website :

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