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Ros Lymer

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Little things can leave a lasting impression; a memory of a

surface, an impression or an imprint, a mix of colours.


I use colour, shape and texture to create balance and harmony, continuously layering media and marks to create a rich, dense surface. Working with paint, collage, print and textiles, I work in my home studio in Brighton.


My paintings often relate to observed and imagined shapes and forms around me in the landscape, or to objects found in woods or by the sea; shells, stones, roots, or shadows and gaps. Lines of fenceposts, stubbly marks of cut crops or cracks in cli" faces and walls have all provided inspiration. At times my works are completely abstract, using colour, shape and texture to create balance and harmony. In some works, I include a collage ground to provide texture, or the hint of an obscured image.

In my textiles work, I examine textures, colours and surfaces

which I encounter in everyday life. I am interested in captured

moments in fragments of fabric, repeated marks, boxes of old

photos and discarded objects. Strips of colour and texture, with overlayed stitched marks echo my approach to painting and mixed media. I love the process of collecting and re-using, both recreating remembered impressions, and creating imagined histories or stories.

Rosalind Lymer @rosalindlymer

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