Walks Through Colour with Andrew Milne

Updated: May 19

Andrew Milne is an artist who loves to walk the landscape. A native of West Sussex he grew up wandering the chalk hills and beech woods experiencing the infinite colours, patterns and moods of the South Downs. This collection of his paintings is a selection of work from the last 3 years experimenting with different approaches in response to colours and shapes while moving through the landscape.


After graduating in visual communication design from West Sussex College of Art in 1980, Andrew followed a successful career as a graphic designer and art director until retiring in 2019 to concentrate full time as a painter. Always keen to improve he has undertaken several professional painting courses with well known artists and is always keen to push his art with new approaches.

Walking sketchbook

Andrew's Practice

For Andrew, being immersed in the landscape is the start of a process of observation and ‘noticing what he is noticing’. Sketchbook drawings and simple photos often then become the source for making paintings, sometimes months later in the studio.

Small studies for composition

With a designer’s sense of layout, Andrew works out paintings in thumbnail before directly applying acrylic paint as boldly as possible to surfaces without drawing, to wood panel, canvas or paper. Acrylic paint suits the speed of Andrew’s work and allows him to quickly create layers of interesting passages of paint which often produce unexpected results and take the work in exciting directions.

Working on several versions at once

Working on multiple versions helps keep the mark making fresh. Often forms are simplified and colour enhanced as pattern quality and abstraction start to take over. Once the paintings are underway they take on their own flexible identity and the task is then to resolve a satisfying result by pushing on or leaving them be.

Drawing into ongoing painting

Andrew’s paintings often depict pathways leading the viewer into colourful landscapes and foliage which often makes an instant connection with those who love and walk the area. Andrew says: “I look at the natural world around me and get intense pleasure because its amazing infinite design order speaks of a Creator of good things, and I want to show that to others.” As C.S. Lewis puts it : “We do not want merely to see beauty... we want something else which can hardly be put into words - to be united with the beauty we see, to pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to bathe in it, to become part of it.”

"Summer Waltham Brooks" by Andrew Milne

See Chalk Gallery Featured Artist Andrew Milne: ‘Walks Through Colour’ window display from May 23rd - June 12th 2022.

Also visit us to meet Andrew in the gallery on Saturday June 4th.

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