Walking Lines with Lyndsey Smith SGFA

Updated: May 20

For three weeks, from Monday 24th May, Lyndsey Smith will be our Featured Artist at Chalk Gallery and her light-filled watercolour paintings will be displayed in our window space.

Lyndsey describes herself as "an artist with a passion for drawing and painting in watercolour." Over the course of her career she has experimented with other media, but it is watercolour painting to which she returns, and where she has earned her reputation. Her paintings are characteristically delicate and exquisitely drawn, yet with abundant movement and expression in the areas of loose flowing colour. Looking at Lyndsey's work reveals a depth of colour which is absorbing and often the colours seem to glow. She adds colour by laying clear washes and watching them mix on the paper.

Lyndsey lives within the South Downs National Park near Lewes, and regularly walks and sketches the Sussex landscape. She is drawn to local history, archaeology and the progression of time on the landscape and buildings, imagining the stories that trees or walls could tell as she paints. Her paintings clearly capture this fascination with a sense of time and place and she describes below how this relationship has deepened due to the experiences of lockdown.

Lyndsey Smith - Walking Lines

"As the towns and cities closed their doors in 2020, the countryside took on a new focus for us all.

My daily lockdown walks on the South Downs close to home, and then to the East Sussex coast when we were allowed to travel, provided the opportunity to pause and really take in the view.

Battling breathless windy days, blue numb fingers on frozen days, pen not working on drizzly days, cool peaceful cloudy days and sunny days accompanied by larks. Each walk I would sketch on pocket sized postcards in a continuous line, barely glancing at the paper, producing carefree lively images, some of which I then worked from in my home studio along with reference photographs.

I have aimed to remain loose and free with the application of my preferred medium, watercolour, alongside the occasional addition of wax pastel, pen and watercolour pencil for the finished pieces.

Over the last year I have seen the coastline change, at Cuckmere Haven. A spot where I had sat and sketched in Spring 2020, at the end of the footpath beside the cottages, was no longer there by winter 2020. It had washed away with the tides. I am keen therefore, to support the fundraising efforts of, to ensure that this iconic view remains to inspire future generations of artists, poets, photographers, film makers, walkers and all lovers of the landscape.

In this exhibition I will show several of the framed pieces, alongside some of their sketched inspiration from my pocket postcards."

If you follow @lyndseysmithart on Instagram you will be able to see these drawings on a daily basis, as she creates them. These speedy, flowing line drawings are full of vitality, and capture the essence of each place with all the brisk freshness of an outdoor sketch.

We are really looking forward to seeing the selection of these on display in the the gallery, alongside her original watercolour paintings, limited edition giclee prints and greeting cards of the same works.

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