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Sue Collins - Lino Printer

Sue Collins has been a member of Chalk Gallery for many years and is a lino printer with much experience and a large following. Her iconic views of local landmarks around Sussex are brought to life with structural lines and bold colours. A love of wildflowers, walking and nature also feature strongly in her work, and she uses the lino tool to describe the swaying forms of long grasses and flowers.

Sue tells us; "I love living in Sussex. I’m in the middle of the countryside and am very lucky being able to work from a studio in my home, the window of which overlooks my garden. From the back of the house I can see the South Downs and the Jack and Jill Windmills at Clayton. I have so many inspirational things around me and find that there aren’t enough hours in the day to draw and print as much as I would like."

The joyful sweeping forms in Sue's work belie the fact that printing is a process that involves careful thought and planning in order to translate a scene or image into carved lines and blocks of printed colour. Sue responds to the shape and detail in her subject matters with a strong sense of design and it is no surprise that her work has been purchased by several major retailers. Most of Sue's artworks are reduction lino prints, which involves a process of layering one printed surface over another, with a new colour being added each time. Sue combines colour ways with great skill creating a palette that is contemporary and up-lifting.

We are delighted at Chalk to exhibit her very latest work and to have a fantastic collection available from the window this month. Our online shop is also well stocked with original prints, greeting cards and jigsaw puzzles featuring Sue's colourful landscapes and artwork.

Three things you might not know about Sussex printmaker Sue Collins!

  • Some of her wall art has appeared on the BBC Drama series “Cuffs”.

  • Sue's textile design sales include those to IKEA, TJ Maxx and Pottery Barn.

  • ‘Downs View’ was shortlisted for the Artist and Illustrators of the Year Award and exhibited at the Mall Galleries.

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