Lindsey Pearson - Branching Out at Chalk Gallery

Lindsey Pearson is our Featured Artist at Chalk Gallery from 21st March until 10th April and visitors to the gallery will have the pleasure of immersing themselves in the atmospheric and colour-drenched scenes by this talented watercolourist. In her interview here with fellow Chalk artist she explains how this hasn't always been the case and that an unusual career path has lead her to "branch out" in unexpected ways.

MB: "Lindsey, you are now a well-established Sussex artist and your style and approach to painting are widely recognised, but this wasn't always the case. Tell me how your career as an artist began".

LP: "I can honestly say I never thought or dreamed I would ever become a full time Watercolour Artist! The very idea of exhibiting my work and being part of a renowned gallery seemed so far-fetched and unachievable from the onset, almost a dream. My arty life was on hold for several decades due to a very pressurised career in teaching and with the heavy responsibility of 2 separate Headships and later, work in the Advisory and Inspection service in West Sussex. It was all consuming and I barely had time to think let alone consider painting, drawing or even sewing - my first true creative passion".

MB: "What happened to change all of this?"

LP: "I took early retirement - hooray and escaped the world of work - something again, I would have laughed at had you told me I would leave a professional career behind. Well, you didn't see me for dust when I finally did leave. A dear friend suggested watercolour painting classes - a brilliant idea and something I had long wanted to try. After a year and many more painting holidays and courses with some wonderful and inspirational professional artists/tutors I took a leap of faith (with the support of friends and family) to try an Open Studios event with Horsham Artists. It was totally nerve wracking and fabulously exciting - simultaneously and, very successful! I sold some of my work which was a massive confidence boost and another stage in my life journey had begun".

MB: "An inspirational start, and I know you are still an active part of the Horsham Artists group. How did your career as an artist develop from there?"

LP: "I've developed and continued to learn and experiment to find my artistic "voice" - something I didn't really understand or think I would ever "find". Watercolour has always been my preferred / loved medium so that was fine, finding the style and subject focus quite another matter. Gradually the elements of what was needed began to fit together.

It's either Venice and architecture or landscapes, trees and scenery - but always in colour, big bold , beautiful translucent washes and lashings of colour. The journey continues to this day. I think I've discovered a huge amount about what works and inspires me - but there's always more to learn".

MB: "And now you are exhibiting permanently at Chalk Gallery Lewes with your new exhibition "Branching Out" opening on the 21st March. I love the title - tell me more".

LP: "The title for my Featured Artist exhibition encapsulates the idea of literally branching out with a new selection of paintings often inspired by trees and the landscape around me - both at home during lockdown and wherever I'm able to sketch on holiday or abroad. It comes at a time where I feel I am able to experiment more and develop my own techniques using a wider variety of inks, watercolour pigments and different surfaces. It continues to be an unpredictable journey but quite the adventure too. I've stayed true to my love for using watercolour and maximising its wonderful properties to the very best effect".

The unique freshness and intensity in Lindsey's use of colour - pigments and inks alike - are something not to be missed first hand. Visit Chalk Gallery from 21st March until 10th April to see for yourself.

In addition Lindsey will be in the Gallery on Saturday 2nd April from 3pm to meet visitors and talk more about her work. Refreshments will be available.

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