Kitty McCurdy's Passion for Paint

Our Guest Artist painter Kitty McCurdy joins us at Chalk Gallery until the 5th September and her paintings are bringing all of the energy, light and fresh air of the elements into our gallery space.

Broad brushstrokes, freshness and vigour characterise Kitty's work "I work intuitively, building up and layering paint, often scraping back to expose hints or memories of previous marks. I enjoy the depth subtle washes of colour provide, adding to the history of the canvas and reflecting our ever-changing landscape.”

The works evolve, often over several months. Her creative process is intuitive, building up, removing and reworking layers of the canvas. The end result is a complex yet subtle composition which balances tone, texture and light.

Kitty is well known for her paintings of the sea at Brighton, but also has landscape paintings of the South Downs in her current collection. She explains that her real influence is the sky itself; “I continue to be captivated by the sky. It's colour, texture and movement are my biggest influences .”

It is noticeable that large areas of the canvas are given over to the sky in Kitty's work, drawing our attention to its sheer vastness. This echoes the Dutch landscape painters of the past, and positions her work within a tradition of Northern Romanticism. Turner, for example, comes to mind. What makes Kitty's work so appealing however, is the lightness of touch, the joy and warmth in her colours which make these works so irresistible.

Kitty's landscape paintings are being exhibited at Chalk Gallery until September 5th and we have more available, including the seascapes, to purchase in our online shop.

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