Flo Snook and Georgie Richardson; Guest Artists at Chalk Gallery

A new exhibition will be gracing the walls at Chalk Gallery on Monday and we are excited to be including work by our two guest artists; Flo Snook and Georgie Richardson. Both artists are accomplished painters with unique styles and enchanting artworks.

Flo Snook grew up on the South Coast and is now based in Brighton. Her connection to the local area is paramount to her work. Views of the River Ouse, Southover Grange, and Lewes Castle, are among her collection.

She has developed her own fascinating and unique style by building on a combined love of pen drawing, textiles and paint. Delicately hand-painted lines describe the architectural structures and local environment, while a bold colour block dominates the canvas and sets the mood for the scene. So many of our well-loved local viewpoints and landmarks are celebrated in her work, it will be a treat to exhibit them at Chalk.

Heading North into the rural landscapes of Herefordshire, Georgie Richardson draws her inspiration from the abundance of flora and colour in her local landscape and garden. With a much looser painterly style, her small square canvases glow with warmth and tonal colour, that bring a sheer joy to the eye.

She says “This work I’m showing in Chalk Gallery has come direct from my garden, to studio, to you”. With a liveliness that recalls Matisse, and is also reminiscent of the Bloomsbury painters, Georgie’s work is going to feel very at home in Sussex this summer.

Our Guest Artists exhibit with us for nine weeks and their work is available for a further nine weeks in our online shop. As a gallery, we value the opportunity to bring new work to our visitors; introducing them to artists they may not otherwise have encountered. As artists, we benefit greatly from being able to collaborate and work with colleagues from further afield.

We hope you also enjoy this special opportunity to see Flo Snook and Georgie Richardson at Chalk Gallery in Lewes from 3rd May until 4th July.

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