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'Artist-to-Artist' Sally Meyer interview with Eva Wibberley

In Chalk Gallery's first blog, we feature an ‘Artist to Artist’ in which Sally Meyer talks to Eva Wibberley about her work and adapting to life with the COVID-19 lockdown.

Sally: Hi Eva, Tell me about your practice? How do you get inspired and start a painting?

Eva: My starting point is walking outdoors, sketching and photographing the coast and then returning to painting in the studio. I have spent time exploring the South Coast and Cornwall and find the coast exhilarating with the fast changes of the weather, the light and winds. I’m particularly inspired by the fantastic shapes of rocks in Cornwall and the cliffs and coves.

Sally: Can you describe your painting process for me?

Eva: I mainly use oils and some acrylic and I work with pallet knives, brushes and rags. I most enjoy starting off a painting using a rag for the first layer, when everything is very loose, and I don’t worry about it. I build up with thicker paint, then Liquin for the final layer which dries more quickly and makes it slightly shiny.

Sally: Did you study your craft or are you self-taught?

Eva: I’m self-taught but I have done a good number of courses over the years. My work has evolved and I’m always trying out new ideas, using them or losing them!

Sally: How have you been affected by Lockdown?

Eva: I have found that having a routine has kept me going every day, working in the morning and walking in the afternoon. The routine has kept me sane and occupied. Because of the absence of framers, I’ve been working on little boards (7 x 5 inches) which I panic bought in large quantities before lockdown. I am also producing a new series using oil on paper based on Cornish sketches and trying out different techniques and formats. I have slowed down with less need to produce work in Lockdown.

Sally: How do you keep yourself fresh and your skills updated?

Eva: Under normal circumstances, I do courses and visits exhibitions but during Lockdown I’ve been looking at a lot online instead.

Sally: Where can we see more of your work?

Eva: As well as being a member of Chalk Gallery, I also exhibit in Brighton Open Houses and regularly post my latest work on Social Media. I'll be in a Five Ways Group Exhibition from June to September 2020 at The Brighton St Augustine's Events Centre.

Sally: Thanks Eva, this has been great.

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