A Fresh Approach from Our Guest Artists

From Monday 6th September we welcome three new guest artists at Chalk Gallery, who will be exhibiting with us until 24th October. Read on to find out more about the unique approach of each artist.

First up is painter Sue Arnold, who’s main preoccupation has been with still life, finding inspiration in familiar objects. She harnesses the vibrancy and lusciousness of oil paint, and also draws regularly as part of her practise, finding a particular joy in making loose images using pen and ink.

Remaining grounded in close observation and figuration, she is drawn to artists such as Matisse or Winifred Nicholson, who are chiefly engaged with space, form, colour and light in their work. She explains that "the mystery and joy of perception and the dynamism of simple forms, together with the power and beauty of colour" compel her to paint.

Also concerned with dynamic form is artist Kate McMinnies. She has been working with clay, predominantly porcelain, for over 25 years, and has always been interested in how we perceive and understand the world that surrounds us, more specifically our relationships with people, landscapes and objects. Trying to capture and express the energy of these experiences has been central to her work from the beginning.

Kate works on the wheel, explaining that the immediacy of the process appeals to her. Controlling the speed and pressure, she can push the porcelain to its limits. The pieces remain unglazed as the marks made during throwing help evoke the movement and fluidity she intends to portray.

This sense of immediacy is something familiar to our third artist, Alan Taylor, who produces much of his paintings direct from life. He explains the importance of immersing himself in the landscape as part of the process of creating the artwork. “I have a passion for the natural environment and feel very fortunate to work in such a beautiful area.” The vibrant colours and undisguised strokes in his work take us directly to the moment of making.

Three artists with very different subject matter but equally fresh approaches who create a powerful impact with their work. We hope you enjoy the chance to experience their work at Chalk Gallery as much as we do.

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