Nichola Campbell

Working from my studio near Lewes, I love painting with India inks. Inspired by the natural environment of Sussex, it's downland, forests and the magnificent coastline, I really enjoy working with their rich, sparkling colours, they are so highly pigmented, as well as being lightfast, permanent and totally waterproof. 


From Brighton, I studied art at what was Eastbourne College of Art and Illustration (BA Hons) at Brighton Polytechnic (now University) in the late 1980’s. After a long break from art I re-started painting again in 2013, joining the Chalk Gallery in 2016 and am currently its Chairperson. As well as being part of the Chalk community, my work is also shown in shows and exhibitions around the South of England.

My most recent work is my series of Framescapes in which the frame is an integral part of the painting, making them as much 3-D artworks as they are 2-D paintings. My wood panels are a collection of atmospheric paintings in various sizes inspired by the Sussex landscape and coastline and my decorative ink and mixed media collages are inspired by natural treasures, such as shells and flowers, in which each collage tells a story.