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Lucy Parker

Lucy Parker

The paintings in the Chalk Gallery exhibition were developed from sketches of I did this summer while leading an art holiday based in the small village of L'Anfiteatro I Rabbini in Emilia Romagna, Italy.   It is set in the beautiful scenery in the foot hills of the Appenines where everywhere you look is a potential painting.


We roamed around the area with our host taking us to places of interest and to sketch.  We developed our sketches at the well equipped base.  We were treated with fabulous food and wine by the lovely Enzo and even got take a trip in his Maserati!


Keeping a sketchbook is one of the valuable things you can do as an artist.  To be quiet in the outside world while sketching and absorb the atmosphere around you has a mindful quality.  Developing those sketches into paintings has great value on the way to become an artist.  It can bring back memories of that particular time and place and take you right back there.


I am taking another group out there from 15th to 22nd September 2024. If you are interested look or contact me.

Instagram: lucinda_baron_von_parker

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