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Lucy Cooper

Lucy Cooper

I am a printmaker who creates screen prints as well as digitally-developed photographic prints. My prints are characterised by strong, uplifting colours in a semi-abstract style.


Having gained a Diploma in Print & Publishing after university, it was some time later that I was introduced to screen printing through courses at the Glasgow School of Art.  I was immediately excited by the process with its infinite creative possibilities of layering and overlapping colours. I have since developed my practice at studios in Glasgow, London and now Brighton.


With a love of photography, the starting point of my prints is invariably a sight I’ve captured on my travels which I then combine with abstract elements and calligraphic influences. I am particularly drawn to the light and feel of sunny locations or inspired by the changing colours and patterns made by water.  I enjoy exploring interesting yet sometimes unexpected combinations of colour and shape while still conveying the original sense of place.

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Instagram: lucycooper_prints

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