Lindsey Pearson

Lindsey Pearson Painting in Ronda

My creative energies initially centred on sewing clothes, tailoring and designing fabrics. I always had a love for watercolours but lacked both the time and expertise to devote to painting until I retired from a long and successful career in Primary and Early Years teaching.


I adore the fluidity, unpredictability and versatility of watercolour.  The luscious colours constantly inspire me and enable me to work in an expressive, semi abstract style. I love to work en plein air, especially in Venice and locally in the Sussex landscape where I can evoke a sense of place, feeling and mood.  Colour and vibrancy are important components of my work, especially when painting Venetian scenes and landscapes.


My inspiration comes from many sources - other talented artists, locations both home and abroad, especially Venice – which I visit as often as possible.  My painting continues to evolve and develop particularly since joining Chalk Gallery. 


I regularly exhibit with Horsham Artists, the Association of Sussex Artists and across Sussex.