Kate McMinnies

KateMcMinnies (1).jpeg

I have been working with clay, predominantly porcelain, for over 25 years.


For a decade pottery was a hobby while I worked at the BBC; I then completed a Degree in Ceramics at Harrow, University of Westminster.  I spent 6 months at New York University studying ceramics and a month in Maine doing a residency.  I have exhibited in galleries nationally and internationally.


I have always been interested in how we perceive and understand the world that surrounds us - our relationships with people, landscapes, objects. Trying to capture and express the energy of these experiences has been central to my work from the beginning.


My process of production has always centred around the wheel; it’s immediacy appeals to me. Controlling the speed and pressure, I push the porcelain to its limits.


I don’t glaze my pieces as the marks made during throwing help evoke the movement and fluidity I want to portray.