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Juliet Walters

Juliet Walters Ceramic Artist_edited_edi

I am Brighton based Ceramic Artist working from my studio at Phoenix Art Space. I was once referred to as a ‘reverse Johnny Vegas’ who started his life as a potter and then became an actor, I began my life as an actor and then became a potter.  When I left Drama School, I was told to learn a new skill during times of unemployment. In those days there was a huge selection of adult education courses, and I signed up to quite a few!  But it was a pottery course that captured my heart and was the beginning of a journey to where I am now.  

My work is fundamentally concerned with the treatment of its surface. I aim to combine various techniques and textures into one coherent theme. My pieces are made from a variety of processes; hand building, throwing and slip casting. The carved pieces are formed before having the designs carved out by hand, they are then fired up to 1260°C.  The burnished forms are repeatedly burnished after a fine coloured slip is applied. They are bisque fired to 1000°C and then smoke fired in an open container. Beeswax is applied when the pots are still warm giving them a soft, silky, and tactile finish.

I have recently been experimenting with glazes and underglaze transfer designs introducing a more functional range and adding another dimension to surface, texture and pattern within my work.   



Instagram: @julietwaltersceramics

Facebook: julietwaltersceramics

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