Joan Wilkes

Printmaker Joan Wilkes in her Studio

Still life and all that it includes - domestic objects, fruit, vegetables, flowers, fabric - forms the basis of my work. I enjoy the everyday rituals where these items are used and presented. I explore and experiment with shape, form, colour, pattern, mark making, perspective and composition within my artwork. The subject matter allows the artwork to grow and evolve in response to the medium and processes utilised.


I work with a variety of media, including printmaking, collage and painting; indeed all three are often combined within the same artwork. Some pictorial motifs are reused, allowing for new ideas and work to develop. Nothing is fixed from the outset, the work is allowed to evolve and grow through the "act of making”.


My artistic background involves a fine art degree in the 1980’s at Winchester School of Art, and a two year post-graduate diploma in Brighton (then Polytechnic) specialising in printmaking. Over the years I have worked in a variety of studios in Brighton and have exhibited and sold work both locally and nationally. I worked for many years as an art teacher/head of art in Brighton but now work solely as an artist from my home studio.