Janice Thurston

Being born and raised in Sussex, betwixt the sea and the rolling South Downs, embedded a deep love for this area.  Its landscape is a constant inspiration for my work in oils and acrylics. 


I am excited that the changing seasons, shifting light patterns, the colours created by the sun, the clouds and the lively winds all render their effect on the undulating downland.  It is these effects and their beauty that I strive to portray in my paintings. The restful, quiet corners of my home county of Sussex deserve to be noticed and I hope my emotional connection shines through my work and the viewer will find their own connection also.


I studied for ‘A’ level art as a mature student after a change of job reignited an interest in art and went on to a Foundation Course at Brighton followed by a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, winning the painting prize that year.

Website: www.janicethurston.co.uk

Instagram:  janicethurston7

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