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Helen Osorio

Helen Osorio

Brought up in Cheshire on the edge of the Peak District, Helen studied Foundation Art at Manchester Polytechnic, and then went on to gain a BA (Hons) in Textiles at WSCAD in 1992.

Determined to be an Artist rather than a designer, she then got accepted by Edinburgh to study for an MA in Tapestry. Thwarted by funding issues, she was not able to take this up, so determinedly set about becoming as well-known as possible. She was Young North West Artist in 1993, became
the first textile artist to exhibit in the RA’s Summer Exhibition in 1997 and exhibited in Kyoto’s Museum of Modern Art in 1998. She has in public collections too, including the MAG collection held at Ferens Art gallery in Hull.

She then had a family.

Working again after 22 years, she finds herself revisiting old haunts. Now, as then, she is fascinated by big, open, raw landscapes and how she measures herself and navigates within them. She loves the way that landscapes hold histories and that journeys and wilderness can be metaphors for our own personal internal landscapes.

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