Georgie Richardson

Georgie Richardson is exhibiting with us as a guest artist at Chalk Gallery from 3rd May until 4th July.


She grew up in Sussex and studied art on the foundation course at Leonard's on Sea, followed by a degree in painting at Winchester College of Art.  Georgie now lives in Herefordshire with her husband and three children.

"While my children were young I put my creative energy into my garden, establishing fresh beds of annual flowers and vegetables.  They were my canvases and paint.  Now time allows me to develop my painting practice and so I enjoy the relationship I have with it and the highs and lows of the process.

My love of colour and form area paramount in my work.  My garden and the landscape surrounding me in this rural spot are my constant treasure trove of inspiration.  The work I am showing in Chalk Gallery has come direct from my garden to you.  I hope they bring joy and celebrate the small but special moments in time."

Instagram: georgierichardsonartist 

Shop: Georgie Richardson